This program suitable for those who involved in Malaysia GST Submission process in which using any accounting system to submit for GST-03 Return.  

The GAF viewer can turn hard understand generated GAF (GST Audit File) from accounting system into human readable format to ease for reconcile, transactions double check, analyze Purchase/Sales/General Ledger data, and most importantly it provide function to export to Microsoft Excel file for your further action in just one-click. (Even you do not have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer/laptop)

This program may assist you if: 
1. Is it your first time preparing and processing GST-03 submission?

2. Do you compile GST filling for your customer using different accounting software at the same time and need a standardize reconcile process/procedure?

3. Do you ever spent a lot of time for reconcile or checking through every single GST transaction to ensure tally for GST-03 submission?

4. Do you felt worried of any wrongly input documents with inappropriate tax codes assigned?

5. Do you ever encountered GST-03 5a not tally with 5b or 6a not tally with 6b with unacceptable different?

6. Do you have to prepare Lampiran 2 report for custom officer for audit process?

7. Do you have to prepare listing of each section in GST-03 5a, 6a, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 for custom officer audit process?

8. Do you have to manage multiple companies GST filling and need reconcile it in as fast as possible?

9. Do you prefer work on Microsoft Excel with your own formula for GST reconcile work before submission?

10.Do you want to perform in-depth analysis with various kind of output from listing to summary by just drag-and-drop easily?

1. The GAF Viewer program provide unlimited analysis for multi companies and multi GST Audit File (GAF) at the same time.

2. Standardized your reconcile work from multiple accounting system via GAF by using our GAF Viewer since GST Audit File(GAF) it's a custom requirement/compliant format for all accounting system.

3. Generate lampiran 2 report within a minute.

4. Generate GST-03 detail listing for section 5a, 6a, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 within a minute.

5. Easily locate wrong calculation Purchase/Supply input transaction from single transaction upto a document.

6. Easily locate wrong tax code assignment in Purchase/Supply transactions.

7. Generate GST-03 report in estimation via GAF exported from your accounting system to ensure the content is matched with your system GST-03 output.

8. You may search/formatting your data easily by using our powerful filter method such as Search Anyway, Multi-Selection Filter, Drag-and-Drop grouping, Multiple Columns sorting for all sections of Purchase/Supply/General Ledger

9. You may export all sections Purchase/Supply/General Ledger listing or matrix analysis to Excel format instantly.

10. The GAF Viewer program provide Excel Viewer thus you do not required Microsoft Excel to be installed. You may also use others excel viewer program such as Open Office or KingSoft to open the exported files.

11. We also provided instant result chart analysis without need to have design knowledge by just Drag-and-Highlight desired records and the Chart will instantly create on-the-fly for your analysis purpose.

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ZenFlex Malaysia GST GAF Viewer

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