By Million Distribution Sdn Bhd

Table of Contens

Chapter 1. Installation Guide

1-1: Installation And Starting Million Accounting Software

Chapter 2. Create New Company Directory

2-1: How To Create Company Database

2-2: How To Set Up Company Detail & Company GST Details

2-3: How To Generate Sample General Ledger Account Code

2-4: How To Create Additional General Ledger Account Code

2-5: How To Create Batch

2-6: How To Create Project Code / Department Code

2-7: How To Create Tax Code

2-8: How To Maintain Debtor Maintenance / Creditor Maintenance

Chapter 3. Stock Maintenance

3-1: How To Create Product Code

3-2: How To Set Second UOM

3-3: How To Set Barcode For Product

3-4: How To Create Product Serial No.

3-5: How To Transfer Stock

3-6: How To Create BOM & Stock Assembly

Chapter 4. Invoicing

4-1: How To Create Purchase Order

4-2: How To Create Goods Received Note

4-3: How To Generate Purchase Invoice From Goods Received Note

4-4: How To Create Sales Quotation

4-5: How To Generate Sales Order From Sales Quotation

4-6: How To Generate Delivery Order From Sales Order

4-7: How To Generate Sales Invoice From Delivery Order

4-8: How To Create Debit Note / Credit Note

Chapter 5. General Ledger Transactions

5-1: How To Enter "Receive Payment" From Debtor

5-2: How To Enter "Pay Bill" To Creditor

5-3: How To Create Cash Book Payment

5-4: How To Create Cash Book Receipt

5-5: How To Create Other General Ledger Transactions

5-6: How To Enter Receive Payment With Post Dated Cheque & Return Cheque

Chapter 6. Bank Reconciliation

6-1: How To Create Bank Reconciliation

6-2: How To Create Bank Charges In Bank Reconciliation

Chapter 7. Processing Your GST Return

7-1: How To Generate GST Form 3

7-2: How To Claim Bad Debt Relief

7-3: Recover From Debtor Bad Debt Relief

7-4: How To Adjust In Creditor's Adjustment

7-5: How To Reverse From Creditor's Adjustment

7-6: How To Manage Deferred GST

7-7: How To Submit GST Form 3

7-8: How To Generate GAF File

Chapter 8. Report

8-1: How To Print Ledger

8-2: How To Print Trial Balance Report

8-3: How To Print Profit & Loss Account Report

8-4: How To Print Balance Sheet Report

Chapter 9. Additional Features

9-1: How To Use Checking Tools

9-2: How To Create ID In User Account, Edit User Group & Set Access Right

9-3: How To Back Up Data

9-4: How To Restore Data

9-5: How To Perform Year End Closing

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Million Accounting Software Guide Book

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