How to buy books from E3 Little Owls

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How to buy books from E3 Little Owls

现在网上买消费税相关的书本(GST Related Books),有如 123 那么简单了!
Now you can acquire all kind of GST Related Books with 3 simple step!

We hereby introduce to all of you, how to acquire your favorite book through our website.

首先,建议你们把这个网站 - 收藏起来(可以通过扫描),可以的话,今天就为自己登记一个帐号。
First of all, it is recommended that you bookmark this site - in your internet browser collection (you can scan), then register an account with us.

In the future, you are welcome to visit our website whenever you are looking for books.

Pick the book you wish to purchase and put into the shopping cart with single click. Then, check out your shopping cart proceeds with payment.

如今,在付款方面,除了”信用卡“ 及 ”PayPal",我们增设了 "Online Payment“,让你更方便付款。
In term of payment mode, besides using "credit card/debit card" through Paypal Gateway, we now also add on "Online Payment" through e-banking facility (Ipay88 Gateway).

We promise will do our level best to keep on improve our platform and variety choice of books/products in order to provide a better, comfortable and simple platform to you all. Cheers~

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